Bradbury Court, specialist dementia care 24 bed extension

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This project sparked William's passion to revolutionise design thinking for care. Realising throughout the project the huge potential to make life easier for staff and life better for individuals in need of care.

Although much of our key thinking has now been developed with the knowledge gained from this project, and in setting up Architectonicus as revolutionary specialist dementia architects, it nonetheless contains founding principles for Dementia Design. Including following dementia specialist interior styling guidelines, we provide:

  • Excellent natural light throughout the building and rooms.
  • Design to lift the spirit; we believe that architecture is a service to the client's specific needs and to, within those bounds design as far as possible to lift quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Working closely with our client. Although, in this project this was difficult to achieve due to FOTEs' procurement methods, we still did as best as possible to fit our design around their model of care. We believe that when an excellent model of care is partnered with a beautiful environment that fits it like a glove, everything can be so much easier, for those being cared for, the staff, family and volunteers.
  • The beginning of our unique 'mind in mind' thinking process. We innovated the 5 point model, which assists residents in maximising their wellbeing, engagement and activity beyond their personal room, with minimal need for staff assistance. - Helping to build, through design, confidence and sense of self.
  • A non-institutional, fresh and appealing character (much more like a home than a 'care home')
  • Small 'household' pods of room clusters
  • Enhanced visual and sensory wayfinding, reinforced by key memorable views.

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