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We believe in 
Design to lift the spirit.


Architectonicus, West Midlands based architects.
Located near Worcester, Hereford, Birmingham and 30 minutes from the M5, we operate nationally.

As designers we centre on a wellbeing approach to Architecture.
Focusing on the individual, lived experience, of our clients. This we combine with the influence of site setting, seasons, solar pathways, ancient, historical and local traditional traditions.

Elevating contemporary design, to create unique architecture responsive to the spirit of client and place. Whatever your budget, we work hard to develop with you the optimal spacial arrangement and materials palette for your lifestyle / building use and investment.

Our multi award winning architect and supporting team listen to you with care. We assist you to create a challenging brief, and walk you through the architectural process. We research your unique site location, aspirations, purpose and where appropriate the symbolism or meaning within your project.

We support you with an excellent track record in achieving planning consent.

Our goal is to create buildings and environments that use your budget to improve your life and work.

Places that have an identity, are positively responsive to nature and support the best qualities of human nature. They are flexible to mood, the senses and social interaction.

Using your budget, wisely, (and of course there's so much that can be done with a higher budget) but buildings don't have to be expensive if the minimum requirement is simply to develop architecture for you and your site that supports wellbeing.

Outstanding architecture.
Transformational wellbeing.

RIBA West Midlands Jury
on W.McMorran's
Clyde Library & Offices

This is an exquisitely planned and detailed building; not a thing can be changed without endangering its perfect symmetry and balance...

...This is precisely the sort of building the client asked for...

...The architect has met these requirements handsomely and in full, but has brilliantly transcended them in a building of excitement and excellence.


west midlands architects, near pershore

Wychavon District Council Award

Pershore Town Hall and new public walkway

best architects west midlands uk

Action for Market Towns National Award

Pershore Community Arts Centre

award winning birmingham architects

Green Apple Award

Burton Borough Music School

architects worcester award winning

2 Wood Awards

Mews House, London
& Green Oak Bridge, Northumbria

architects malvern award winning

National & Regional RIBA Awards

Clyde Library and Offices, Malvern

architects west midlands civic trust award

Civic Trust Award

Clyde Library & Offices

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+44 (0)1886 821 971

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An initial meeting or site visit is usually without charge.
Here we can meet you and learn about your project while you learn about us. This results in some advice for you and a relevant no obligation quote for our services.

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A step change in care environment design.

Private Clients  |  Corporations  |  Councils

Specialist Dementia Care Architects  |  Autism, Learning Difficulties & Special Needs  |  Respite, Care Farms & Day Care  |  Forensic Care

  • New Build
  • Extensions
  • Existing Building
  • Planning consultancy

Private house architecture

A home that lifts the spirit.

Private Clients 

Private House Architects  |  Special Extensions & Outbuildings  |  Redevelopment of Exisiting Buildings & Interiors  |  Listed Buildings  | Conservation

  • New build
  • Extensions
  • Re-development of existing buildings and interiors
  • Planning consultancy

Community &

Wellbeing focused.
Technologically advanced.
Highly aesthetic. Highly functional.

Community groups  |  Councils  |  Corporations

Restaurant Architects  |  Schools  |  Offices & Headquarters  |  Company Records & Archives  |   Community Arts Centres & Museums  |  Village Shop  |  Libraries  |  Council Offices

Action for Market Towns Award Jury On W.McMorran's Pershore No. 8 Theatre and community arts centre

The most outstanding national project in all categories...

Technology  |  Sustainability  |  Conservation

Architects Journal, British Wood Awards On W.McMorran's Green Oak Bridge, Northumbria

a 'tour de force' of timber construction

Centrally located,
we work on projects nationwide.

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Executive summary

Architectonicus, care architects, west midlands

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What is Wellbeing? ...How does design help?

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